PREDYNASTIC PERIOD (c.5000-3100 BC)
    Scorpion before 3100 BC
    First Dynasty c.3100-2890 BC
    Narmer (Menes) c.3100-? BC
'Aha c.3070 BC
    Djer c.3042-2995 BC
    Den c.2985-2930 BC
    Second Dynasty c.2890-2686 BC.
    Peribsen c.2700 BC
    Kha'sekhem c.2724-2703 BC
    Kha'sekhemui c.2703-2686 BC
    Old Kingdom
    Third Dynasty c.2686-2613 BC
    Djoser c.2667-2648 BC
    Huni c.2637-2613 BC
    Fourth Dynasty c.2613-2494 BC
    Sneferu c.2613-2589 BC
    Cheops c.2589-2566 BC
    Chephren c.2558-2533 BC
    Mycerinus c.2528-2500 BC
    Shepseskaf c.2500-2496 BC
    Fifth Dynasty c.2494-2345 BC
    Userkaf c.2494-2487 BC
    Sahure 2487-2473 BC
    Neferirkare 2473-2463 BC
    Niuserre 2453-2422 BC
    Isesi c.2414-2375 BC
    Unas 2375-2345 BC
    Sixth Dynasty c.2345-2181 BC
    Pepy I
    Pepy II
    Seventh Dynasty Eighth Dynasty Ninth Dynasty Achthoes I Tenth Dynasty Eleventh Dynasty
    c.2345-2333 BC 2322-2283 BC
2269-c.2175 BC c.2183-2181 BC
    c.2181-2173 BC c.2173-2160 BC c.2160-2130 BC c.2160 BC c.2130-2040 BC
    c.2133-1991 BC
    Mentuhotep II (Nebhepetre) Mentuhotep III (S'ankhkare) Mentuhotep IV (Nebtowyre)
2060-2010 BC 2009-1998 BC 1997-1991 BC
    Middle Kingdom
    Twelfth Dynasty 1991-1786 BC
    Ammenemes I 1991-1962 BC
    Sesostris I 1971-1928 BC
    Ammenemes II 1929-1895 BC
    Sesostris II 1897-1878 BC
    Sesostris III 1878-1843 BC
    Ammenemes II 1842-1797 BC
    Ammenemes IV 1798-1790 BC
    Sebeknefru 1789-1786 BC
    Second Intermediate Period
    Thirteenth Dynasty Fourteenth Dynasty Fifteenth Dynasty (Hyksos)
1786-1633 BC 1786-c.1603 BC 1674-1567 BC
    Sixteenth Dynasty (Hyksos) c.1684-1567 BC
    Seventeenth Dynasty. c.1650-1567 BC
    Seqenenre Ta'o II c.1575 BC
    Kamose c.1570-1567 BC
    New Kingdom
    Eighteenth Dynasty 1567-1320 BC
    Amosis I 1570-1546 BC
    Amenophis I 1546-1526 BC
    Tuthmosis I 1525-1512 BC
    Tuthmosis II c.1512-1504 BC
    Hatshepsut 1503-1482 BC
    Tuthmosis III 1504-1450 BC
    Amenophis II 1450-1425 BC
    Tuthmosis IV 1425-1417 BC
    Amenophis III 1417-1379 BC
    Akhenaten (Amenophis IV) 1379-1362 BC
    Smenkhkare c.1364-1361 BC
    Tutankhamun 1361-1352 BC
    Ay 1352-1348 BC
    Horemheb 1348-1320BC
    Auserre Apophis I c.1570 BC-c.1570 BC
    Nineteenth Dynasty 1320-1200 BC
    Sethos I Harnesses II Merneptah Siptah, Tewosret
1318-1304 BC 1304-1237 BC 1236-1223 BC
    c.1209-1200 BC
    Twentieth Dynasty 1200-1085 BC
    Ramesses III Ramesses IV Ramesses V Ramesses IX Ramesses XI
1198-1166BC 1166-1160BC 1160-1156 BC 1140-1121 BC 1113-1085 BC
    Third Intermediate Period
    Smendes Psusennes I Pinudjem 1
    Psusennes II
    Twenty-first Dynasty c.1089-945 BC Kings (Tanis)
1089-1063 BC 1063-1037 BC 1044-1026 BC 959-945 BC
    High Priests (Thebes) Herihor 1100-1094 BC Pinudjem 1 1064-1045 BC
    Pinudjem 11 985-969 BC
    Twenty-second Dynasty 945-730 BC
    Shoshenk I
    Shoshenk II (co—regent) Osorkon II Shoshenk III Pemay
945-924 BC
    c.890 BC
874-850 BC 825-773 BC 773-767 BC
    Twenty-third Dynasty (Leontopolis) c.818-715 BC
    Pedubast I 818-793 BC
    Twenty-fourth Dynasty c.727-715 BC
    Tefnakht I
727-720 BC 720-715 BC
    Twenty-fifth Dynasty c.780-656 BC
    c.760-747 BC 747-716 BC 716-702 BC
702-690 BC 690-664 BC Assyrians in Egypt c.680-663 BC 664-656 BC
    Twenty-sixth Dynasty 664-525 BC
    Necho I 672-664 BC
    Psammetichus I 664-610 BC
    Necho II 610-595 BC
    Psammetichus II 595-589 BC
    Apries 589-570 BC
    Amasis 570-526 BC
    Psammetichus III 526-525 BC
    Twenty-seventh Dynasty 525-404 BC. First Persian Period
    Rule of eight Persian kings including Cambyses, Darius I, Xerxes
    Twenty-eighth Dynasty 404-399 BC
    Kings of Sais
    Twenty-ninth Dynasty 339-380BC
    Kings of Mendes
    Thirtieth Dynasty 380-343 BC
    Kings of Sebennytos, including Nectanebo I (Nekhtnebef) 380-363 BC
    Thirty-first Dynasty 343-332 BC Second Persian Period
    Rule of three Persian kings
    CONQUEST OF EGYPT BY Alexander THE GREAT 332 BC (Alexander ruled until his death in 323 BC)
    Ptolemy I 305-283 BC
    Ptolemy II 283-246 BC
    Ptolemy III 246-221 BC
    Ptolemy IV 221-204 BC
    Ptolemy V 204-180 BC
    Ptolemy VIII 145-116 BC
    Cleopatra VII 51-30 BC with Ptolemy XII 51 BC
    with Ptolemy XIII
    with Ptolemy XIV
51-47 BC 47-30 BC
    ROMAN PERIOD 30 BC-c. AD 600
Biographical Dictionary of Ancient Egypt by Rosalie and Antony E. David

Ancient Egypt. A Reference Guide. . 2011.

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